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Fungus Laser Treatment

Millions of Americans suffer from toenail fungus (Onychomycosis).  It can be unsightly, uncomfortable and embarrassing.  It affects both men and women, does not discriminate by race, and most often occurs in adults.


While anyone can get toenail fungus, you are more at risk if you live or work in a hot, humid place, wear shoes that keep your feet sweaty and moist, or if you have diabetes or a compromised vascular or immune system. Fungus can spread from person to person, and you can contract it from going barefoot in public shower, by the pool, locker gym, nail/spa salons, or hard surfaces.


Once a fungus becomes entrenched in the toenail, it is difficult, if not close to impossible to treat the fungus because it is difficult to reach. Past treatments include antifungal creams, lotions and nail polish. These topical medications have a low success rate and can take up to a year to show any improvement in the condition of the nail.


Oral medications are available, but they can put your liver at risk and do not have a high level of success.  There can be serious side effects from these pills, and blood tests are necessary to monitor your liver function while you are taking them.  Unfortunately, they may not get rid of the infection.






Can You Finally Get Rid of Toenail Fungus?

A new low-level laser for toenail fungus was introduced in the fall of 2008.  This low laser light treatment for toenail fungus is getting national attention as a non-invasive treatment for this unsightly condition, and has a reported effective rate of approximately 85% and poses virtually no risk to the patient.  We are excited to introduce a Second Generation Laser patented exclusively at our office.


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Laser Fungus Treatment


New laser technology kills the pathogens that cause toenail fungus:


• Painless.

• No downtime.

• No side effects.

• Only 30 minutes.

• New nails grows out healthy.

• The gentle laser works through the    nail and skin.

• Does not harm the nail or skin.

• Approximately 85% Effective.



Has Toenail Fungus changed the way you see your feet?


We can help you step into summer. Just give us 30 minutes!