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Surgical Patient

2. A responsible adult, who will be driving, must accompany you upon your discharge from the surgical facility. Public transportation is not an acceptable form of transportation following anesthesia.  If this is a problem, please call and allow us to assist you with arrangements.


3. Shower or bathe (shave, etc) the morning of your surgery. It may be some time before your next opportunity.


4. Do not bring any valuable items (watches, jewelry, etc.) with you to the surgical facility except a method of payment in the event deductibles or copayments which may be due.


5. Bring a case for eyeglasses.  Do not wear contact lenses.  Contact lenses cannot be worn during anesthesia.


6. Do not wear makeup to the hospital.  Makeup can injure your eyes and must be removed before the surgery.


7. Please remove all nail polish from the toes of the limb having surgery.


8. Wear loose, comfortable, casual clothes that will allow for passage of a large cast or dressing which will be on the foot.


9. Young children and visitors of two or more, with you at the surgical facility are discouraged and may be asked to leave.


10. Younger patients may bring and keep, during surgery, a security object such as a toy or blanket.


11. A custodial parent or legal guardian must accompany children, under the age of 18.  This person must be present to sign permission papers and consent forms.



1. Do not allow your dressing or cast to become wet. A wet dressing will be considered an infected wound and may require admission to the hospital with up to six weeks of intravenous antibiotics. Please make every effort to avoid getting you bandage or cast wet.


2. Do not remove your bandages. Leave the dressing in place until you are seen by Dr. Dobry. He will inspect and remove the dressing at your first postoperative appointment.


3. There are typically sutures (stitches) placed in the incision is that will be removed by Dr. Dobry, usually about two weeks after your surgery.   The incision(s) will be assessed at your postoperative office visits.


4. You will be provided with prescription pain medication to help minimize your surgical pain. You should use these medications as directed and as needed. As your incision heels, we expect you to begin weaning from the prescription medication. This should begin about one to two weeks after your surgery. It is the policy of this office to advise you not to drive while under the influence of pain medications. Should you have any questions regarding your pain prescriptions please contact us.


5. DO NOT SMOKE. Smoking could delay or interfere with your body’s ability to heal after surgery.  See your primary care physician if you need assistance to quit smoking.


6. If you are having surgery on your RIGHT foot, you are expressly instructed to NOT drive until the third or fourth week postoperatively and certainly not while a dressing or cast remains or while wearing your surgical shoe or cam walking boot. **This period of no driving may increase depending on the extent of your surgical procedure.


7. Please contact our office immediately, (214) 618-3750, for any of the following post-operative conditions:

 - Oral temperature greater than 103 degrees.

 - Excessive redness, swelling, or drainage through or from under your dressing.

 - Rapid increase in severity of pain after the first 12 hours postoperatively.

 - Intense pain, swelling, and/or burning deep in the calf, knee, or thigh of the operative limb


8. For general medical problems such as sore throat, cough, nasal drainage, etc., please contact your primary care physician. You should also contact your primary care physician regarding questions about your routine medications not prescribed by this office.


9. Preventing Falls: If unsure, ask Dr. Dobry what activities are safe for you to do on your own. Always step up or down with your good foot first. Ask for help before you get out of bed if you feel week, lightheaded, or dizzy. Being in bed for even one day or taking new medicines can cause a person to feel dizzy or weak. Perform your activities at a slower speed. Move slowly. Sit at the side of the bed or sofa and wait to see how you feel before standing up. Try to use the toilet often. That way you won`t have to hurry should you have an urgent need to go.


10. Please keep your follow-up appointments with our office.  If you are unable to keep your appointments, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule.  You may be discharged from Dr Dobry’s care for non-compliance.  


Thank you for trusting us with your foot & ankle health.  We wish you a speedy recover!

Pre-Operative Instructions

1. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery.  This includes water, coffee, candy, chewing gum and any kind of tobacco.  **The one exception is that you may take regular medications with a sip of water only.


Post-Operative Instructions

Downloadable Form

Pre–Operative  & Post-Operative Instructions